Meet the natural drummer


Since playing in high school, Sam Fishman knew he wanted to pursue music! Prior to pursuing his degree in music from the University of Rochester, Sam had been invited to perform internationally with the American Music Abroad program. Later on, he formed his own band, Madison Rising and was awarded the opportunity to share the stage with musicians including Shinedown, Aerosmith, Godsmack, Weezer, and Chris Cornell.

Today, Sam Fishman is a successful producer and artistic innovator. He is continuously reimagining contemporary rock and jazz music by implementing a cinematic approach. Sam’s projects are accessible while challenging listeners expectations,
resulting in a rewarding experience.

Sam’s talents expands through his produced recordings in a variety of genres, including hip-hop, folk, rock, and jazz. He also performed, and produced, Stained Glass
and Technicolor Grooves, featuring jazz pianist Misha Piatigorsky.
His most recent projects include End of Time and Cicada Madness.

Sam is always looking to work with others on new intriguing projects.
Don’t hesitate to contact him if you need a creative and resourceful talent!