Recorded and mixed by Joseph Branciforte. Performed live at the Glen Rock Jewish Center.

Cymbal Sunrise

- Producer

- Drum programmer

- live/Studio performer (drums)

- Drum Instructor/Teacher of Music Appreciation



When I was 10 years old I received my first pair of drum sticks. They were by Vic Firth and had a dark brown color to them. I must have used that same pair for 3 years, and it was the only pair I had. Little did I know about the developing world of drum sticks. Today it seems there are hundreds of variations of sticks. I could never find the classic dark brown Vic Firths that I had so many years ago, so I started trying different kinds of sticks. I went through 7A, 5A, 5B, 8D, various artist series, Vater, Pro Mark, Ahead, even Titanium sticks! Nothing truly felt right to me. One thing I did learn was that the 5A fit my hand best out of any other size. 


About a month ago a friend suggested I try Regal Tip. It didn’t even cross my mind to give them a try. Knowing the 5A was the size I needed, I asked Regal to send me a few different models of sticks. There it was, the Naked 5A! After 10 seconds of practicing, I felt like I had just received my first pair of drum sticks all over again. The Naked 5A was exactly what I was searching for. Best part about these sticks is that they are strong. With other brands such as Vic Firth, the sticks would start to warp, chip, and break very quickly. Not Regal Tip. I feel more confident knowing that I’m using the highest quality wooden sticks. I don’t have to run to buy more sticks after a few shows! One pair of Regal Tip sticks lasts me a lot longer than other brands have. Plus, Regal Tip is made in America, and is located in upstate NY where I went to school. It’s nice to have that connection. 


It’s easy to get lost in the world of musical gear. Companies are always coming out with new products and it can make you feel like you’re falling behind. Rest assured, you are not. Sometimes the best products are the ones that are tried and true and remain consistent. With the Naked 5A, I know I can express myself on the drums to the fullest, and that’s always been the goal. Thank you Regal Tip!

These guys are the real deal. Not only do the drums look amazing, they sound amazing. Punchy, direct, and in your face are the perfect words to describe the custom kit. I was referred to Response Drums by a friend named Derek and I am so glad he pointed me in the right direction. Response is based in upstate NY, my old stomping grounds. This connection could not have been any better. 

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