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“Marvelously wrought, End of Time creates an alluring sonic vista, strange as a dream, while simultaneously asserting its vitality. End of Time is a work of pure genius.”
— Randall Radic, tattoo.com

The NAtural Drummer


Sam Fishman is a successful producer and artistic innovator. He is reimagining contemporary rock and jazz music by implementing a cinematic approach. Sam’s projects are accessible while challenging listeners expectations, resulting in a rewarding experience. Sam is always looking to work with others on new intriguing projects. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you need a creative and resourceful talent!



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“The narrator’s voice hearkens well to the Lady Galadriel which leads the listener on a path very Tolkien-esque, which is not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination, and for that reason alone this album should find its way to wide release and critical acclaim.”
— Scott Alexander, ABORT Magazine
“Rock isn’t dead, it’s all here in Fishman’s terrific, solid new album.”
— Rob Perez, moovieboozer.com
“End of Time is a hard rockin’, well crafted, nuanced arrangement of top-shelf musicianship and experienced song design.”
— Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music